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Quality Management System

UPRZ management fully understands that the quality of products is the key element and foundation of competitive capacity of the company. 

It is possible to exist, make profit and grow successfully in today's market only subject to manufacture of high-quality products.

What is meant by the term "product quality"? This is a set of features and characteristics of the product that allow to most successfully use it for its intended purpose. In today's market, high-quality products must not only comply with domestic and international standards and specifications, but also exceed the competitors' products.

It is quite natural that the fulfillment of these conditions requires a well thought out and sound strategy, a package of measures, ie product quality management system aimed at organizing a set of conditions needed to manufacture products of adequate quality that meet the requirements of state standards of the Russian Federation, as well as international norms and standards.


UPRZ LLC's strategic goal in the field of quality is to enhance the company's economic growth and well-being of its employees through development, production and sales of competitive products, which meet the requirements and expectations of our consumers.

UPRZ LLC is going to achieve the strategic goal through addressing the following issues:

  • Timely and complete satisfaction of consumers' needs through sustainable output of high quality products.
  • Application of new technology in the development and output of products.
  • Marketing development for existing products and development of new markets.
  • The most effective use of available resources in order to increase profits.
  • Establishment of a highly professional team of associates, who can pursue the stated objectives.

Addressing of issues in hand is based on the following principles:

  • Management assumes personal responsibility for the quality of output products, production support with all the necessary resources, as well as for efforts in continued improvement of QMS.
  • Each and every company employee is personally responsible for the performance standards.
  • The company's management is committed to prioritizing long-term relationship with partners, establishing clear and open liaison with mutual responsibility.

To fulfill the quality policy products are checked for compliance with applicable requirements by organizing quality control at all stages of production, whose major components are as follows:

  • Design and technological documentation;
  • Semi-finished products, feedstock, components and materials;
  • Instruments, equipment and production tooling;
  • Manufacturing processes for semi-finished products and parts, half-finished product preparing, subassemblies and products;
  • Finished products (parts, finished products, components).

Product quality review utilizes technical means, ie control devices, which have the following specifications and features:

1) ТКМ-359М Dynamic Hardness Gauge

High-precision robust instrument for rapid measurement of metal hardness, including quality control of heat treatment, HFC hardening, evaluation of mechanical strength.

ТКМ-359М hardness gauge implements measurements in primary hardness scales standardized in Russia - HB, HRC, HV, as well as HRA, HRB, HSD scales and tensile strength (in terms of GOST 22761-77 for pearlitic steels).

ТКМ-359М dynamic hardness gauge is designed for field, shop and in-vitro use. The device operation principle has dynamic hardness measurement method at its heart.

2) А1212 MASTER Ultrasonic Detector

It is used to detect defects such as "discontinuity and dehomogenization of materials in semi-finished products, finished products and welding joints", as well as to measure the depth and coordinates of their occurrence, thickness, propagation velocity of ultrasonic waves in metals (steel, aluminum, cast iron, etc.).

The flaw detector is able to store measurements in the embedded memory and output findings in electronic form. It is suitable for field use.

3) Toolroom Microscope ИМЦ 150х50 Б (БМИ-1Ц)

It is designed to measure outside dimensions and linear diameters. Measurement can be performed in the rectangular and polar coordinates. Dimensional measurements can be carried out either directly by taking readings on the digital display and by comparing the measured contour with the contour drawn in the drawing. Scope of application: tool shops and toolrooms of mechanical engineering plants, research and education institutions.

Quality control of finished products and semi-finished products also uses various inspection gauges, with third-party laboratory analysis performed to the services contract (including acceptance control by spectral analysis of aluminum and zinc alloys).