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The results of work on implementation of lean production

Since the beginning of February the implementation of the principles of lean production has been started at UPRZ, and in November the provisional results of the project were summed up. Target goal is to make our enterprise more efficient, capable of responding quickly to changes in consumer demand. For realization of this goal, specifically developed measures were taken on the leading areas and processes of the enterprise.

  1. Quality
  • The Current standards for internal and external spoilage of production shops and sites have been set, the dynamics of changes in the level of defective goods has been found.
  • To ensure consistent compliance with the applicable production requirements and customer requirements, the methodologies of statistical analysis and process control (SPC) and Measurement System Analysis (MSA) were implemented.
  1. Standard work of operator
  • Work instructions were developed and implemented. This is one of the tools of standardization of work process, a document in which a simple, understandable for each employee language describes the rules for the implementation of a particular process, type of work, operation.
  • The work instructions are necessary both for quick training of newcomers and for achieving required result qualitatively and without errors.
  1. Visual work
  • Stands in the workshops are maintained in good working order, they contain actual and visual information on quality and performance, actions for emergency situations and unforeseen situation, gratitude, reference information, etc.
  • Zoning is made in the production shops and marking is renewed.
  1. Purchasing
  • Methods and procedures for the audit and evaluation of suppliers, schemes and instructions for storage of goods and materials in warehouses are developed.
  1. Production, sales, machine control, human resources
  • The monitoring of performance indicators of production processes and equipment has been made, the customer satisfaction survey is conducted using questionnaires, followed by analysis and the formation of corrective measures for each of the areas.