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Company History


RSUE Ulyanovskiy Priboro-Remontniy Zavod, former SE Ulyanovskiy Priboro-Remontniy Zavod, former Ulyanovskiy Priboro-Remontniy Zavod - UPRZ, and before that Scale-Repair Plant was established in 1924.

Initially, the company was organized to repair the whole range of scales, including steelyard, common, stock, and even truck and car scales. Company production capacities have been developing in multiple directions such as organization of scale repair branches in regional centers of Ulyanovsk region, expansion of nomenclature of services (repair of pressure gauges, filling equipment, reconnection of electric engines, etc.).


Since 1986, the company has started production refocusing as part of the state program "Increase in the Output of Consumer Goods." The design engineering bureau for development of consumer goods was organized, with emphasis on the development and production of children's toys. New production facilities were organized for the output of said goods: tool-making facilities (manufacture of production tooling), die stamping, molding (for the production of components) and output assembling.


Until 1993, the company was actively engaged in the manufacture of toys, leaving no efforts to repair instrumentation. When significant changes took place in our industry in 1990s, they marked the beginning of market relations and release of toys gradually came to halt (as affected by appearance of cheap Chinese toys), with the company specializing in more much-in-demand industrial and automotive products in our region (tooling, parts, various assembly units and accessories).

This laid the ground for an independent activity of the plant. The tool shop established is still the basis for growth and development of the company, remains commercially viable in the market of industrial products.


A new stage of the company development, when two German automatic molding machines were installed in 1995. The ground was laid for the shop for pressure molding of plastics, which currently has more than 30 machines.


Further, the plant started to master the production of components for UAZ vehicles, whose range is growing every year, for the purpose of expanding the demand and developing new markets in 1996.


The company has achieved great success over the decades on the scene. Since 2003, there has been active development associated with the acquisition of new production facilities. Refurbishment resulted not only in improvement of the employees' qualification and performance, but also the output quality became noticeably better.


In 2008, the company moved to a new area of ​​2.7 hectares, which increased the area of ​​production and storage facilities, provided separate premises for production shops and sites, as well as increased the number of experienced and qualified professionals and items of equipment.

Initially, Ulyanovsk Instrument-Repair Plant adhered to the policy of combining high-quality products with adequate timing and manufacturing cost.


Since 2010, there has been an active development of the company notable for construction and reequipment of manufacturing facilities, acquisition of new imported equipment, training of specialists, development of a wide range of more sophisticated products, with plant establishing partnership in new regions.

Carefully thought-out and well-organized activities of the company, with company management encouraging individual creativity and development, has a good bearing on the plant activity as a whole. More sophisticated products have been developed on a recurrent basis. The plant gradually switched from release of simple automotive components to design and development of sophisticated and often certified products, including lighting fixtures and outside door handles.


New major achievement of the company is renewal of equipment fleet with machine tools from leading global producers: High performance milling (HPM) machining center DMC 1035 V Ecoline by DMG MORI (Germany) and injection molding machine AMM ENGEL victory 750/160 spex by ENGEL (Austria). Machining travel for DMC 1035 V Ecoline covers large machinable surface, with cutting edge PLC controller accelerating alignment procedure and reducing cycle time.
AMM ENGEL victory 750/160 spex has a number of technical advantages and proprietary systems that provide good performance parameters, improve performance and product quality, while reducing cycle and power consumption.


A new stage in the development- purchasing of equipment for implementation of specific complex operations, which let essentially shorten the timeline of production of finished products- tooling.

Purchasing of the new machining center with CNC- HAAS DT-1 with option of high-speed milling let reduce the production timeline of graphite electrodes, which are further used in the electroerosion machining of the working parts of molds.

High-speed drilling electro erosion machine with CNC model SJD703Z («Super drill») was purchased for high-speed manufacturing of small diameter deep holes as through as blind deeply. Holes are made in conductive parts from treated high-tensile stainless steel, hard alloy metals and common constructional materials, where traditional mechanical processing is impossible.

Over the years of successful activity in the field of production tooling and products manufacture, UIRP LLC has developed a reputation as a reliable partner and sustainable company with continuing development of the following trends:

  • Expansion of operations;
  • Introduction of state-of-the-art technologies in the field of metalworking and plastics processing;
  • Development of new areas for cooperation.