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Ulyanovsk Instrument-Repair Plant is an industrial company equipped with the newest tools for plastic and nonferrous die casting, die stamping and precision metal working. Having an array of machines and tools, as well as trained engineering and technical staff allows us to make high quality products in a very short time.


Primary areas of the company’s production:

  • Design and manufacture of production tools (molds and dies);
  • Die casting (plastic on automatic molding machines and non-ferrous);
  • Die stamping;
  • Production and selling of car components.


Production capabilities of the Ulyanovsk Instrument-Repair Plant:

  • Design and creation of complex and highly precise production tools (molds, dies) with weight of up to 5000 kg and maximum size of 1000*1000 mm;
  • Making of products via cold stamping from sheet metal (including coil metal) with width of 0.3 – 6 mm (with pressing force of 3 to 160 ton-forces);
  • Casting (including reprocessing) of plastic and polymeric materials on casting machines with injection volume up to 2000 cm3 and clamping force of 60 to 400 ton-forces;
  • Nonferrous diecasting of zinc and aluminum-based alloys on casting machines with locking force from 1600 to 2500 kN;
  • Assembly and installation of parts via spot welding and riveting, mechanical processing of parts, filing and drilling, painting of metallic surfaces up to 400 cm2 with powder paint and nitro-enamel.

Many years of productive experience in those areas allows our company to do various works on designing and making production tools (molds and dies) with further final production using those production tools.

High skill level of our engineers and the array of equipment supplied by leading domestic and worldwide makers guarantees high quality of our products.

Company departments:

  • Design Engineering Department;
  • Production engineering office;
  • Production shops;
  • Department of supply, input and output quality control of materials and complete products.


The tightly integrated production compound is comprised of three shops:

  • Tool shop;
  • Plastic production shop;
  • Assembly shop.

The company takes up the total space of 2.7 hectares, of which about 8000 m2 are used for storage and production units. In order to adequately equip and ensure high-scale production, we have purchased modem equipment from domestic and overseas makers. Total number of employees is about 300, most of which are experienced, highly-trained specialists with productive work experience.

The plant has thorough quality control processes and performs internal and external audit for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

In the addendum to the Certificate we’ve listed products made by Ulyanovsk Device-Repair Plant. All of it complies not only with state standards of the Russian Federation, but also international norms and standard. Copies of the Certificate are provided to clients with each individual consignment of products supplied.

Ulyanovsk Instrument-Repair Plant is a developed multi-functional company which offers a wide range of products and services.

We always aim for complete mutual understanding with our partners and fulfill their production time requirements without any detriment to the production quality. By fulfilling our obligations with our clients, we have created the reputation of a diligent and reliable supplier for our plant. Wide range of products and services, competitive market prices, flexibility in establishing the order volume – all of those components of our activity have secured mutually beneficial and frequently long-lasting relationships with all of our clients.

Enterprises, private companies and independent businessmen who have tried and came to appreciate our work and capabilities hardly ever look any further for other ways to place and produce their commissions.