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Now many businesses face a dilemma in ordering production tooling for the manufacture of plastic and metal products in Russia or China.  At first glance, ordering in China seems tempting and profitable. However, prior to making a decision, it is worth to make some of the features of such cooperation clear for yourself.

The choice can be made only based on the needs and priorities of a particular order.  Have a look at the questions below, and answer yourself what is important to you and what is not:

  • Timing of order and delivery
    • Yes, compliance with deadlines is important
    • No, it is not important

Frequently, the actual production time for tooling does not include transportation and customs processing of documents. In practice, this can take up to several weeks. The cost of transportation and customs processing of documents is also not included in the cost of tooling stated in the quote of the Chinese manufacturer.

  • Quality of tooling and its service life
    • Yes, it is important. Tooling for lengthy operation
    • No, it is not important. Tooling for a short production run

Even in the event of manufacture of tooling by a serious company in China, which will not waive responsibility in the event of detection of rejected material, the procedure for dispatching the tooling for refinement or repair and then back again will be extremely time-consuming (customs clearance will be needed again). Intermediary companies may not recognize the existence of rejected material and their obligations to eliminate it.

  • After-sales Services and Repair
    • Yes, after-sales services and manufacture of working parts is required
    • No, repair and maintenance are not required.

After-sales services and maintenance of the manufactured tooling are undertaken by manufacturers, who value their reputation in the market, feedback from their partners, and are focused on long-term activity and market development.  It will be rather difficult to find a domestic company that will undertake maintenance and repair of equipment made in China.

If you answered YES to most of the questions, we recommend that you turn to proven domestic manufacturers, if possible, with references.

If you answered NO to most of the questions, then maybe you will be able to appreciate all the advantages of working with Chinese manufacturers of tooling.

We wish you good luck and success in business development!


1. Corporate DED, possibility of revisions and amendments, advice and guidance of specialists with due regard for specific business needs

2. Provision of design document package along with tooling

3. Trained professionals with solid grounding

4. Manufacture of high-quality metal

5. Coordination of operational life and durability

6. Possibility to get directly acquainted with production and specialists

7. Traceability at any production stage

8. In-house manufacture of products using tooling (possibility of testing and modification)

9. Real production time, without adding any time for delivery from abroad and customs formalities.

10. Prices in RUR, actual cost of tooling, without the cost of lengthy transportation, without any broker's and intermediary's expenses.

11. Warranty (After-Sales) and Post-Warranty Service

12. Vast hands-on experience in the market of tooling production and understanding of the value of lasting relationship

13. Interest in development of the customer's business