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Assembly Shop

The assembly shop of Ulyanovskiy Priboro-Remontniy Zavod is engaged in the fabrication of mainly a wide range of finished products, ie automotive components as the mainstream of the plant. The shop includes several side lines:

  • Die Stamping Site 900 sq. m
  • Nonferrous Casting Site 300 sq. m
  • Powder Coating Site 180 sq. m
  • Assembly Shop 1,120 sq. m

The total area of ​​all manufacturing divisions of the shop is 2,500 sq. m. The main premises of the assembly shop with an area of ​​1,120 sq. m is intended specifically for assembly operations performed by more than 80 employees using more than 80 items of equipment.


Ulyanovskiy Priboro-Remontniy Zavod produces a wide range of automotive components of the following types:

  • Contactless ignition system;
  • Lights and lighting fixtures for motor vehicles of family UAZ, VAZ, etc.;
  • Various types of handles for motor vehicles: side door handles and outside rear trunk handles.


  Manufacturing process stages and assembly shop potential are as follows:

  • Pressure casting of parts from non-ferrous alloys;
  • Mechanical peeling of cast preforms from non-ferrous alloys using abrasive wheels;
  • Machining of preforms (drilling, threading, etc.);
  • Painting of metal parts with powder paints, with the total area of painted surface reaching up to 400 sq. cm. The process takes place in an electrostatic field on a part manual line;
  • Electrocontact welding of components up to 4 mm thick;
  • Manual painting of parts with nitro-enamels using a sprayer;
  • Manual installation of parts of automotive components (lighting fixtures, outside and inside door handles for UAZ vehicles, Euro-handles for VAZ vehicles, etc.). In this case, pneumatic and electric screwdrivers are used;
  • Electrical assembly of printed circuit boards and adjustment of components using electronically controlled equipment.