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Installation of a fluid-cooling system (chiller) with free cooling

In the autumn of 2017 a water-cooling system (chiller) and a system of free cooling for natural cooling of liquids by outside air with low temperature were installed at our plant. A system for cooling of circulating water is used for cooling of injection-molding machine and molds, installed in them. In the warm season, cooling of the water occurs with the help of chiller due to freon, and in the cold season - with the help of a dry cooler and a heat exchanger ("dry" cooling tower). In free cooling water is cooled due to ethylene glycol, which is cooled outside due to the temperature of the outside air and an air fan. A chiller with natural cooling can use free cooling fully or partly.

Thus, in the cold season (autumn-winter period), the existence of free cooling makes it possible to significantly reduce the cost of electricity: in the off-season - up to 50%, and winter time - up to 80%. If we take into account the regular increase of energy cost, such an economy will be significant. For this reason, the owners of many manufacturing plants, on which there is a constant need for cooling, try to purchase and install cooling systems of liquid with Free cooling.

The installation of the fluid cooling system with free cooling will make it possible to reduce the cost of electricity, consumed in the manufacture of plastic products at UPRZ.